From now on, 45stages will be known as BioCloner Health!

The mission of our Company is to improve the quality of life and health of people and animals by introducing modern technologies into medical areas. As a R&D unit, the company faces both the problems a rising from the development of new technologies, as well as those associated with scaling technologies to industrial size. Our activities and works are interdisciplinary and concern the fields of biomedical engineering, biomechanics , mechanics, automation, electronics and IT.

Solutions for you

Biomedical engineering

BioCloner 3D

Bioprinter for bioresorbable implants

Engineering services


Are you looking for support in the field of machining? Do you want to work with professionals who pay attention to the smallest details?


Need to validate your project? Are you unsure about the functionality of your product? Or maybe you need to transfer the real model into virtual space?  


If you have an idea to create a completely innovative product, but you lack the right expert tools, we are come to help!

During our daily tests, we use proprietary 3D bioprinting technology, which makes it possible to create structures that mimic human organs.

We want you to follow the progress of our work at BioCloner Health and stay up-to-date with the latest information.

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