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    3D bioprinting is our passion

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    We try to see more. This allows us to better understand the needs of the scientific and industrial communities. Thanks to our research today, we believe that in the future we will change the face of modern technology and medicine.

    A perfect example of the changes taking place today is the use of 3D bioprinted in vitro models to reduce animal testing. We are constantly developing the technological solutions we have developed, which opens the door to new opportunities in the world of science. We actively strive for a future where our innovative vision supports experts in their daily work to shape a better tomorrow together with them.

    About us


    BioCloner Software 3D

    The software we created consists of several modules enabling work with a 3D bioprinter at various stages - from protocol design to production of the finished product.

    01 User-friendly

    BioCloner Desktop was created with the user in mind, ensuring ease of use and, above all, intuitive use. Thanks to the structured and clear interface, using our software is pleasant and effective.
    With the ability to choose between Basic, Advanced and Expert modes, you can easily adapt the software to your needs. At each stage of the process, the user is accompanied by messages and warnings so that he can easily achieve the desired final print result.

    02 Functionality

    Our dedicated bioprinting platform allows the user to load three-dimensional models, as well as perform basic operations such as scaling, rotating, moving and more advanced ones - division into ranges and merging.
    By assigning specific heads to appropriate models, you can precisely control the printing process in real time. Using the possibility of generating a mesh of injections allows you to print the entire model in a single session.

    03 User Interface

    The user interface of our software is delivered directly from the server, which ensures that every printer user who connects to the device always uses the latest version of the software. All improvements and updates are immediately available to users, eliminating the need for manual updates and ensuring the highest quality and safe use.

    04 Protocol

    Generating a detailed printing protocol enables parameter analysis, ensuring print repeatability and facilitating change control. This is crucial for the stability and precision of creating complex structures, ensuring users can effectively monitor the entire process.


    We change for you

    BioCloner Desktop Pro

    A set of bioprinters designed in Poland supporting modern medicine and technology.

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      Replaceable print head

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      Work table with heating and cooling function

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      Touch screen and intuitive control

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      UV-C lamp

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      Configurable tool magazine

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      Hepa filter

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      Configurable space

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      Communication with the user

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      UV on the gantry

    Why BioCloner?

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      Intuitive operation

      Using our bioprinters, you will be able to quickly and simply prove your hypotheses and test the functionality of newly discovered methods.

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      Universal use

      BioCloner provides flexibility for a variety of bioprinting applications, allowing you to work with a wide range of materials and techniques, making it an ideal tool for a variety of research and clinical projects.

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      Simple integration

      BioCloner's easy integration with existing laboratory systems and scientific software allows it to be seamlessly incorporated into your research environment, increasing work efficiency.

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      Full control

      BioCloner offers advanced control options that enable precise manipulation of bioprinting processes, ensuring high quality and consistency of results.

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      Calibration system

      Our dedicated calibration system ensures the reliability and accuracy of each print, minimizing errors and increasing the repeatability of experiments.

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      Specialist Support

      We offer comprehensive support from our specialists, including technical assistance, application consulting, and training to maximize efficiency and effectiveness when working with BioCloner

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    Your partner
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    BioCloner is your reliable partner in everyday research and clinical work.

    With our innovative bioprinting solutions, you can focus on achieving breakthrough discoveries while we provide the necessary technical and expert support.
    Check out how BioCloner can make your projects easier!


    Intensive work in progress: Bioprinting 3D

    During our daily tests, we use proprietary 3D bioprinting technology, which makes it possible to create structures that mimic human organs.


    45stages changes its name to BioCloner Health

    We are thrilled to announce that from now on, 45stages will be known as BioCloner Health. This exciting transition is the culmination of our growth and fills us with great enthusiasm for the future steps we plan to take.


    BioCloner 3D tests at the Warsaw University of Technology

    In recent days, we had the opportunity to conduct numerous tests of our prototype 3D bioprinter solution, BioCloner Desktop, at the E.J. Brzeziński Biomedical Engineering Laboratory at the Warsaw University of Technology (Faculty of Mechanical and Technological Engineering)

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