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BioCloner is not only a multi-purpose 3D bioprinter dedicated to the production of structures applicable in tissue engineering. What is the most important BioCloner is the technological idea that has been developed in our company since 2016. That idea in the coming years will help us to introduce innovative solutions dedicated to the medicine and veterinary medicine. We hope that our hard work will pay off as a significant improvement in the quality of life and health both people and animals. Do you want to know more? Check us out!


Nowadays, 3D bioprinting is one of the fastest growing branches of modern regenerative medicine. Every day new solutions and materials appear on the market, which in the near future are to allow the production of tissue structures that save the life and health of humans and animals. As a result, facing the growing needs and in response to the inevitable progress in technology, we have developed a unique solution adapted to the dynamically changing world.

BioCloner 1.0 is ready to carry out production work using many working heads, and consequently we can use different materials in one process. Dedicated Calibration System guarantee accuracy of the printouts continuity. It is a vision solution that controls the actual position of the printing nozzle. In this way, every time when we change the print head, we can be sure that the next head will work in the same frame of reference as the previous one.

All processes, both manufacturing and supporting (cleaning of the printing nozzle, calibration, etc.) take place in an integrated space of increased cleanliness . BioCloner 1.0 has been designed and made to separate the drive systems of the machine from the working space as effectively as possible.

This solution, most of all aims to reducing undesirable access to any solid or liquid contaminants, such as grease or metal particles. In addition, increased cleanliness in the working space is ensured by bactericidal UV lamps and a horizontal air supply system based on HEPA filters. This allows to maintain an overpressure in the working space, which is an indirect barrier against excessive contamination of the working space.

The BioCloner 1.0 has an automated exchange heads system during the process. Thanks to that, there is possibility to get one printout which consist of many different materials in the form of granules, filament, gel or liquid.  The heads dedicated to device are described below.:


Our in house made software consists of several modules allowing work with printer in different stages – from design to manufacturing of the final product. 

A special application launches in the web browser, allows you to load a 3D model into virtual workspace, its modification and customization of the print parameters. As a result, we get a view of the model divide into layers and a generated g-code which making it possible to print the model. The application also allows you to remotely check the status of the device.   

To use innovative of mechanic and hardware solutions full, we develop  our own totally modifiable software that directly controls the operation of printers. Except that, on the stage of design is generated g-code, its also responsible for controlling the process of printing a previously prepared model. It is in charge of safety system which ensuring user safety work at the machine.

Innovative solution requires
a creative approach!

Our implementation and development in the field of 3D bio-printing is due to a fantastic, interdisciplinary team. Thanks to versatility of our small family, we were able to develop our own solutions in the field of mechanics, industrial automation and programming.

Beginning of the BioCloner project

Thanks to European Union funding we were able to start realizing our vison. The plan was simple. First we had to build everything from scratch.

Since then all the activites have been focused on developing our solutions for mechanics, automatics and software.

R&D phase of the project

Hundreds of conceptions, thousands of test only to discover a new possibilities.
Day by day we are trying to improve our solutions. We are hoping that every day bring us closer to handling our goal which is to introduce innovative solutions dedicated to the medicine and veterinary medicine.


The first fully-functional
prototype was finalized



Fully operational 3D bioprinting laboratory was created



Acquiring a strategic investor - Valegro Limited

Implementation and technology transformation

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