Design and Rapid Prototyping

With the help of our prototyping experts, you will quickly and accurately assess the usability, ergonomics and many other important features of your product. With us, you will gain confidence in the rightness of your actions and plan the further improvement of your product.

Our technologists and constructors make prototypes both on the basis of the submitted CAD model as well as the supplied physical model. In order to recreate the physical model in virtual space, they use reverse engineering tools in the form of GOM ATOS Core scanner and dedicated software such as GOM Inspect or Geomagic Design X. As a result, we are able to perform full dimensional and shape analysis quickly and with high accuracy. This allows us to design the mapped model in detail.

If you still don't know what would be the best way to carry out your project, trust us and we will help you choose the right manufacturing technology, based on the technical requirements of the final product and the target size of the production series.

For rapid prototyping, we use among others incremental technology, which guarantees time savings, cost optimization and efficient evaluation of product development. For this purpose, we use among others SLA, SLS and FDM method.

What distinguishes us is the high attention for post-processing of 3D prints. Each element is properly cleaned and processed by our engineers. We take special care to make the model as close to the final product as possible. All this is done in order to reveal and eliminate possible errors before production and marketing of the product begins.

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